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I’ve directed a few films now. I’ve directed a film which was shown as a montage for an awards show which lots of people went to. I’ve directed an experimental film, some music videos, and a documentary.


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I produced my own experimental film for university that went really well and I got a 2:1 for it.


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I use Final Draft 9 to write my scripts. I’ve completed one feature length script and a few short stories. I have also written a few episodes for a TV show.


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I’ve gotten into camera work and started to really enjoy it. I own an Olympus OM-D Mark II and it’s just perfect for me. I feel confident in filming and photography.


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I’ve done sound successfully on two films now. It’s not my favourite area but it wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be. As long as you know your way around the equipment, which I do, then it’s really straight forward.


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I use Final Cut to edit my films and I know my way around all the aspects of it. I can also use Premier Pro but my preferred software is Final Cut, which is also the industry standard.


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I’ve gotten really into photography. I love doing photo shoots and taking pictures of nature. I also love editing them. My favourite is black and white photography, I love the feel it gives off.

Motion Graphics

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At college I used After Effects and worked on motion graphics using graphics tablets and I enjoyed it. It’s not my strongest area but graphics can really bring your films to life. I’m thankful I have this skill as I think it widens my range.